gas steam kettle stationaryGas Steam Kettle – Floor Base with Legs - TTGC-12K model

2/3 Jacketed, Electronic Ignition, 50 PSI, Tilt Clean Lock Feature and Type 316 Liner


Gas Steam Kettles – Stationary with LegsTTGL EK” models

2/3 Jacketed with Hinged Cover, Electronic Ignition and 2 Tangent Draw-Off. TTGL-20/40EK with Type 316 Liner, TTGL-60EK with Spring Assist Cover, TTGL-80/100EK with 4 legs. TTGL-20/30/40/60EK with 50 PSI and TTGL-80/100EK with 35 PSI.


Gas Steam Kettles – Stationary Tri-LegTTGL40-FK model

Full Jacketed with Spring Assist Cover, 50 PSI, Electronic Ignition and 2 Tangent Draw-Off.


Gas Steam Kettles – Tilting Twin Console with LegsTTGLTK” models

2/3 Jacketed, Electronic Ignition, High Efficiency Power Burner, 50PSI, TTGLT-20/30/40K with Type 316 Liner.


Gas Steam Kettles – Tilting with LegsTTGLT-FK model

Full Jacketed w/ 50 PSI, Electronic Ignition and High Efficiency Power Burner with Type 316 Liner. Same features as TTGLT "K" models except "Fully Jacketed vs. 2/3 Jacketed."

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